Quarried Aggregates

To complement our stocks of recycled aggregates, we also supply quarried materials. These products are:

DOT Type 1 Granite Granular Sub Base DTP SHW 803

  • Made from Rock usually Granite or Limestone
  • Used as a Sub Base to Roads, Drivers and Footpaths.


    Sharp Washed Sand

  • Used for bedding to paving or concrete floor screed.
  • Imported from quarries and wharves from sea dredging
  • Fully meets a D.O.T Type 2 specification which is a lower grade sub.


    20mm Ballast 

  • 50/50 blend of Sharp Sand and 4-20mm Gravel
  • Used to make Concrete


    Reject Sand

  • A soft recycled sand.
  • Used for bedding around pipes and cables in trenches or 'blinding' off a site.