Cosmur Construction Ltd- Masons Yard

This project is for a new art gallery constructed in Masons Yard, off Duke Street, St James's, London SW1.The project involved the demolition of an existing electricity generating station, to basement slab level.


MasonsYard is an old coaching inn court yard and the only vehicle access is through a 3m square  opening through existing listed buildings. It was also not possible to gain access using cranes.


Therefore this presented us with severe access and logistical problems. We had disassemble and re assemble excavators to gain access. We had to lower the height our fleet Lorries, by changing sizes of tyres and lowering exhaust stacks to gain access.


This was carefully completed within time and budget, with negligible disruption to neighbors and nearby business.




London WCl

Lancsville Construction Ltd

Demolition of 2 numbered seven stories office blocks. These offices were close to railway line and to the town centre.


This was challenging project particular had to paid on this contact was to the safety of the workforce and the general public. We liaised with Lancsville Ltd and Network Rail to produce a viable RAMS.


Full independent scaffolding with monoflex protection was installed along the railway perimeter of the site for duration of our works.


We proceed to strip out both offices and using specialist dismantling equipment, and we quickly dismantled them.


All wastes were segregated and the brick/ concrete were crushed and stockpiled on site for re-use later. The site was left in a clean and tidy condition.




2- 22 Sutton Court Rd, Sutton

United House - Tottenham Town Hall

Demolition of rear elevations of the Town Hall. Warehouses and selective outbuildings were also demolished in different phases. The brief included a type3 Asbestos survey and subsequent removal off all contamination, treatment of numerous live services that crossed the site, soft stripping of several buildings and vermin extermination. Demolition of manly brick structures with some light steel buildings and crushing of all arisings. Clearance of scrub vegetation including eradication of knotweed. Final site clearance included the removal of underground air raid shelters.


As this was part of the Tottenham Green Conservation area, so all works were tightly regulated by English Heritage and the London Borough of Haringey, who have been consulted throughout the duration of the project. Therefore this meant that various materials had to salvage for re use later. Our Demolition  works were completed on time and on budget.


2009, 2010 & 2011



United House- Beavers Lane Regeneration Project

This package involved demolishing four walk-up blocks built in the 1950s and suffering from structural defects within the concrete floors, poor energy efficiency and generally poor environment. This contract assigned to us, included the removal of Asbestos, Erection of Scaffold protection, soft strip existing blocks to enable for main demolition and to grub up footings and hard standing. Also included was to crush all suitable material to re- use later.


This was completed within the working time frame and to budget.





Longcross Construction

The former office block, in the center of Croydon is an eleven story building, which is now to be changed into residential use.

Scope of Works.

Our works were too soft strip the entire 11 floors back to shell. Saw cut and remove internal concrete staircase, lift shafts & lift plant and also the removal and safe the disposal 100,000 liters on-site heating tank. .


All windows were also safety removed working from a mast climber.


Due to its location, this presented severe access and logistical problem. However this was overcome, with careful planning and on time and budget. .


Noise and vibration impact on the neighbouring properties was reduced by using Brokks attached with pulverisers.


A very highly sensitive site with the demolition works done well before contract time and on budget. 


97% of Materials were recycled on this project.





Astra House

The former office block, in the center of Norbury (A23) is a six story building, which is now to be changed into residential use.


Scope of Works.

Our works were to soft strip the entire 6 floors back to the shell. Saw cut and remove internal and external staircases   and       fire escapes, lift shafts and lift plant. Remove all windows safely working from scaffolding.


Due to its location, this presented severe access and logistical problems. However with careful planning and liaisons with neighbouring partys this was overcome.


95% of all waste Materials were recycled from this project.


Another project finished within contract time period and budget.





Sutherland Road

The site consisted of four acres of industrial warehousing. This was to be changed into private and social housing.

Scope of Works.
Our works was to soft strip the entire warehouses first before dismantling works.

Removal of licensed and NON licensed asbestos. Dismantling all warehouses with cement asbestos roof sheet cladding. Using specialist dismantling equipment (sheers), we quickly dismantled warehouses and grubbed up footings.

All wastes were segregated and the brick/ concrete were crushed and stockpiled on site for re-use later. The site was left in a clean and tidy condition.

This was another project finished ahead of schedule and main contractor delighted.

Due to the large volume of Asbestos. An 85% of waste was recycled from this project.





Mantle Developments

The site was made up of 2no of two storey Victorian style houses, with a two hundred foot overgrown gardens.

The site was to be demolished. Twelve houses were to be built in its place.


Scope of Works.

Install tree protection.

Removal of all licensed and Non licensed asbestos.

Soft strip .

Demolition .

Reclaim .-Forty thousand yellow stock bricks. Roof slates. Floor boards.

Remove all unwanted trees and vegetation from site.

Grub up all hard stand and footings, and crush to a certified 6F2.

This was another project finished ahead of time and on budget.


96% of materials were recycled on this project.  




Shirley, Croydon

Aylesford Distribution Centre

The site was the former Sommerfield distrubtion center for the south east. It consists of mostly warehouses and office block with a canteen for its workers on a 11 acre site.


Scope of Works.


Asbestos Removal.


On site segregation.

Grub up all footings and slab, crush to a certified 6F2 spec.

Due to the amount of Asbestos on site, a 85% of materials were recycled.

This was another site finished within contractors time program and on budget.




Aylesford, Kent